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We have designed our facility with resource efficiency & it’s environmental impact in mind. The outcome is a 28,000 sqft. facility that recirculates heat and energy emitted from one part of production to a reusable resource to complete another phase of production.   

  • Location - Northern Coast of New Brunswick, Canada
  • 28,000 sq.ft
  • Corporate Offices 
  • Raw material Storage
  • Finished product storage 
  • State-of-the-art processing line, packaging line, and fully automated Clean in Process system
  • Environmental characteristics include: 
  1. Heat recovery and utilization 
  2. Industry leading energy efficient equipment 

Using innovative technology to recirculate heat, water, and energy to maximize efficiency and minimize wasted resources. We leave the smallest carbon foot print possible in producing our products.

Fish Flavor

Northtaste Natural Fish concentrate provides the aroma and flavor of the Atlantic Pollock for all of your projects requiring a clean fish flavor.

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