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Characteristics & Storage

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NorthTaste products are All-Natural and free from preservatives

Frozen Concentrated Flavors

  • Shelve Life - 1 year frozen or 7 days stored at refrigerated temperature 
  • Stored Frozen at -18’C (0’F)
  • Refrigerated temperature (0-4 ‘C or 32-39’F)
  • Can be utilized directly from freezer at -18’C (consistency of ice-cream) 

Using Flavor Concentrates:

Our Concentrates should be stored frozen, and we recommend that they be used directly from the frozen state. The concentrates are semi-solid with the consistency of ice-cream when frozen and can be placed into the kettle after a brief tempering period. 

If refrigerated, the concentrates should be stirred before use. For more further information on using our natural flavor concentrates in combination with your products please contact us to speak with a product development specialist.

Product Storage facilities in Canada, the United States, and Europe. 

Readily available to ship to Asia(please contact us for more details)
Seafood Flavor

A unique blend of Clam, Fish and Shrimp from the cold waters of the North Atlantic provides a versatile addition to a variety of soups, sauces stuffings and dips.

> Seafood Flavor Info

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