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NorthTaste All-Natural Concentrates are a new product that opens endless possibilities for the food processors and food service applications. NorthTaste is a seafood concentrate in which the flavor of seafood is isolated in its purest form by means of revolutionary technology. NorthTaste is a natural product with unique characteristics. There is nothing quite like it on the market.

The NorthTaste Advantage
  • All-Natural -   No artificial additives
  • High Quality - Made from fresh, high quality, and sustainable raw material from the North Atlantic Ocean that produce gourmet flavors
  • Consistent -   The flavors are consistent from batch to batch. Provides uniformity in your product with no seasonal variation. 
  • Clean Label - NorthTaste has a pure, fresh, natural flavor, aroma, and color characteristics representative of the seafood used to produce the flavor. There are no artificial ingredients (flavor enhancers, coloring agents, preservatives etc.)
  • Convenient - The Flavor concentrates are stored frozen and ready to use, which eliminates your need for long periods of time for stock or base preparation and sourcing inconsistent by product 
  • Economical - The concentrates are readily available with product storage facilities in both the United States and Canada. 
  • They are a concentrate which economizes your shipping costs. You eliminate the need to source consistent raw ingredients and the expense of processing your own sotcks, bases, and key flavors. Save time, labor, energy and free up your valuable equipment to product your line of products. NorthTaste will provide you the highest quality, natural and consistent flavors as the starting point.
  • Green Product - As a secondary processor we use by-products normally not used by sustainable primary processors. Our process reduces the total amount of waste of the species processed to the least amount possible. 

Whether you simply have an idea or a completed recipe, we will provide the expertise to apply NorthTaste’s flavors to your project.

Let our food technologist work with your R & D department to maximize the advantages of our flavors.

Product Cold Storage facilities in Canada, the United States, and Europe. 

Readily available to ship to Asia(please contact us for more details)

Clam Flavor

Our Natural Clam Concentrate will bring forth all the flavor needed in endless clam recipes with the smooth clean taste of fresh Atlantic Ocean Clam.

> Clam Flavor Info

Contact a NorthTaste representative.
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